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china’s social credit system will rate how valuable you are as a human
white people wanted: a peek into china’s booming rent a foreigner industry
chinese tourists handed 30 pages of dos and don’ts when arriving in singapore
green gold: how china quietly grew into a cannabis superpower
alibaba is looking to bring ‘car vending machines’ to china by the end of this year
china wants this malaysian port to rival singapore
essay critiquing the “fake lives” of beijingers is blocked after lighting up chinese social media
beijing named china’s ‘smartest’ city for leading the cashless revolution
restaurants found lacing their food with morphine to get customers addicted
china tops us and uk as destination for anglophone african students
i do not understand this situation you are talking about
beggars accept mobile payments using qr codes
china bans burqas and ‘abnormal’ beards in muslim province of xinjiang
megacity that will be larger than all of japan
skycity project
fake plastic rice
vegetables/fruits you should avoid

hong wrong

hong kong
capital of the brittish international drug trade in the 70s
the official estimate for bribes paid annually to Hong Kong police is an astonishing $1 billion