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israel is censoring palestinians, and the social media giants are complicit

rights group: israel arrested 500 palestinians over facebook posts

tens of thousands attend pro-palestine rally in war torn yemen

israeli lawmaker: palestinian teen tamimi should have gotten a bullet, at least in the knee

60% of palestinian child detainees are verbally, physically and psychologically tortured by israelis

facebook labels palestinian journalism hate speech

60% of palestinian child detainees are verbally, physically and psychologically tortured by israelis


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sweden bans demeaning public ads that depict traditional gender roles

100 cars torched in one night, cops deliberately let youths get away

dental hygienist fined $50,000 for identifying child refugees who were actually adults

need to get consent from her for sex? there’s an app for that — in sweden

swedish police warn lots of rapes will happen this summer and advise women not to go out late

swedish town that banned church bells has approved a mosque’s call to prayer

sweden has legalized child marriages for muslim refugees who come from countries where sharia was the law of the land

taxes will rise in sweden as half of all new swedes remain unemployed after eight years

swedish woman being prosecuted for posting joke meme on facebook about islam

sweden appoints pakistani muslim head of national heritage board

every swedish household to receive guide on how to handle terror attacks

mother dating an afghan refugee refused to report him to police when he abused her 12-year-old daughter

when horses can be dogs

child brides eligible for child support

sweden forced to raise retirement age to pay for mass immigration policy

nobody helped woman raped by 20 muslim migrants — neighbors have learned not to see or hear too much

street microphones to help swedish police hear shots and screams amid record-high crime

armed police to escort joggers in swedish city

swedish woman raped by refugee commits suicide after prosecutor claims lack of evidence

4chan launches operation swedistan in a last ditch attempt to save sweden

sweden bans mandatory vaccinations over serious health concerns

sweden legalizes child marriages for immigrants

new swedish children’s book: grandpa has four wives


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france passes law saying children can consent to sex with adults

french children taught migration is a human right, we’re all africans

french girl, 11, is not a child say lawyers for 29-year-old man accused of sex abuse

officials say migrants are only being playful when they riot

man gets three months in jail for liking a facebook post

for 20 years the french have been building a medieval castle using medieval techniques

farming hit by a suicide every two days

why are jews at the head of all islamic institutions?

paternity tests are outlawed


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why big jewish money is behind the free tommy robinson protests

major uk retailer bans kitchen knife sales in answer to violent crime wave

uk: home office told to put refugees in every town and village

uber admits tfl was right not to renew its london licence over safety concerns

british school bans shorts, instead forces boys to wear skirts for gender neutrality

rape gangs: a story set in leafy oxfordshire

london police force deletes mocked weapon confiscation tweets

a 12-year-old girl was beaten up in a park – but police say it is not cost effective to investigate

she posted rap lyrics to remember a dead teen, so the u.k. prosecuted her for hate speech

police forced to act against mass muslim street prayers after residents complain

refugee family set to win millions from nhs for not using foreign language to explain importance of feeding newborn

westminster child sex probe exempts politicians over national security concerns

queen elizabeth claims she is direct descendant of prophet muhammad

campaigners warn reported sex crimes against children at record high

children as young as three are being read books questioning their gender

theresa may’s government won’t compensate children who were raped. it says they consented to the abuse

uk public schools forcing girls as young as four to wear muslim veil

meet the group who posed as 13-year-old when talking to rte producer (55), leading to his arrest

british pm theresa may: pedophiles should be allowed to adopt children too

council cracks down on islamophobia after parents withdraw children from school mosque trips

paedophiles need therapy not jail: one of britain’s top police chiefs says scale of child sex abuse is so horrifying prosecution alone is not the answer

a 14-year old girl was charged with committing racial abuse after complaining about rape by muslim men

transgender lessons to be given to nursery children as young as two

brexit boost: £65 billion to be pumped into uk economy through tax cuts and public spending

the paradise papers reveal that the queen is the worst parasite of them all

let boys wear tutus and high heels if they want to, church of england says

uk elites push for new laws to lower age of consent to 12 years old

uk loses 56,000 migrants due for deportation, including over 700 ex-con

authorities missed signs of yeovil child sex abuse

100 decolonise palestine posters appear in london for balfour centenary

uk children taught to respect terrorists who kill over unfair treatment

uk to imprison people who view ‘far-right propaganda’ online for up to 15 years

muslim who sprayed food cant be deported

uk bans naming streets after politicians, heroes in case they get exposed as pedophiles

uk man wins court case aginst bbc for 911 cover-up


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weird news from japan

japan’s first lady ushers in new era of hemp acceptance by purchasing elixinol cbd hemp oil product

japan limits overtime to 99 hours a month to curb death by overwork

scientists discover a trove of rare-earth metals in japanese waters

baby factory dad wins paternity rights

side effects in young girls take gardasil out from japanese market

89-year-old japanese grandma discovers photography, can’t stop taking hilarious self-portraits now

foreign men share their reasons for divorcing japanese wives

japan’s largest department store withdraws products from israeli settlements

twitter bans japanese user for sending death threats to a mosquito

japanese man gets banned from twitter for killing a mosquito

couple marry in japanese arcade then have matrimonial fight in tekken

elderly japanese women live in the world’s most enchanting retirement home

swedish dance installation for babies premiered in japan