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un already had plans to replace europeans with 159 million migrants 18 years ago

change gun laws in europe to let jews carry arms, says leading rabbi

eu needs common asylum policy, harmonised living standards so migrants stay in east

iceland to ban boys’ circumcision, introduces 6-year jail term for offenders

eu chief: we need open borders to stop populism

pope urges europe to be more active in fighting anti-semitism

the return of sumptuary laws? dutch cops to undress youths wearing clothes deemed too expensive for them

us jews, muslims join forces to help nonwhite invaders in europe

eu pension fund on brink of collapse: taxpayers will have to bail out hundreds of meps

eu parliament votes against debating murder of white farmers in south africa as a human rights violation

eu too white, mass third world migration must be new norm

a europe we can believe in

western europeans flee from islam and set up colonies in hungary

european royals killing naked children for fun at human hunting parties

eu founding fathers signed blank treaty of rome

as a whole, we should think about a pause during which we discuss which goal we want to reach, and at what speed

muslim preacher explains how european slaves will be bivided

symbols found in ancient caves all over europe

danube valley civilization

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