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german man ordered to pay child support after ex-wife forges signature for ivf pregnancy

afd party wants to take angela merkel to court for opening the country’s borders

teacher loses legal bid to wear Islamic headscarf in german school after court rules children should be free of the influence of religious symbols

facebook bans german historian for saying islam is not part of german history

germany has no budget for its elderly, but will spend 93 billion on migrants

34 refugees import 130 family members and second wives

german women live in fear: new anti-rape pants sell out

tens of thousands of migrants in germany unable to read or write

germany now has animal brothels for all those randy goat lovers

89-year-old grandma loses appeal, sentenced to prison for questioning the holocaust

germany arrests social media trolls while shariah police roam berlin

kuwait airways can refuse service to israelis – german court

germany set to become first european country to recognise third gender

arab mafia infiltrates german police, state services – german police union official

the patrick henry commune

germany bans secret paternity tests

germany pens 62 mile bicycle highway that’s completely car-free

germany: since 1945 a vassal state to israel

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