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india rules sex with a child bride is rape

men in china and india can’t find wives because 71 million girls were killed in abortion or infanticide

india’s big brother: fingerprint and eye-scans required for food and medicine

darwin’s theory of evolution is scientifically wrong: union minister satyapal singh

inside the amazing city where people live without politics, religion and money

pedophile tied up and beaten to death by mob of women in india

family owns 15 cars, but has no toilets at home

india accounts for 33 percent of global child marriages

beauty companies are obsessed with turning indian men white

this company makes ‘edible utensils’ to limit plastic waste

xiaomi now has a second factory in india, manufactures one phone a second

tosses out gates foundation due to conflicts of interest with big pharma

underwater bullet train

things you can get with a missed call

jarawa hunter-gatherers say they don’t want to be part of our world

cotton farmers are killing themselves

first vegetarian city in the world

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