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what is 5g

study shows cell phone towers harmful to animals, plants – 5g will be much worse

verizon chairman and ceo, lowell mcadam, 5g is very disruptive technology. let me count the very disruptive ways

large-scale study proves that cell tower radiation causes cancer

groundbreaking study shows shielding emg improves autoimmune disease

5g technology is coming – linked to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, alzheimer’s, and death

5g radiation dangers – 11 reasons to be concerned


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the junto coin



cryptocurrency block chains being sabotaged in 51 percent attacks to steal virtual coins

bitcoin is us dollar 2.0 created by cia – kaspersky co-founder

bitcoin is worth far more than its price

researchers find that one person likely drove bitcoin from $150 to $1,000

kazakhstan president proposes a global cryptocurrency known as g-global

£200 million worth of digital cryptocurrency is wiped out as bungling developer locks investors out while trying to stop hackers


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islam for dummies

pope francis doubles down: bishops’ accusers are like satan, the great accuser

catholic church found to have spent over $2 million lobbying to block child sex laws

pope francis likens child abuse victims to a pack of wild dogs

how the pederasty cover-up will make civil war within the catholic church

the rothschilds are jesuits

pope accuses victims of chile’s most notorious pedophile of slander

francis now promoting kabbalah

vatican bishop confesses: senior catholic officials are paid by george soros

the documented jewish roots of saudi royal family

unprecedented amount of child porn discovered in the vatican – largest catholic church pedophile bust in history

vatican’s 3rd most powerful figure charged with multiple child sex offences

vatican secretary of state attending elite bilderberg meeting

italian male escort exposes 40 priests in file sent to vatican

pope honors dutch abortion activist with pontifical medal of knighthood

pope francis absolves 2,000 pedophile priests – no arrests necessary

catholic church meets with globalists to discuss serving the new world order