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westminster child sex probe exempts politicians over national security concerns

queen elizabeth claims she is direct descendant of prophet muhammad

campaigners warn reported sex crimes against children at record high

children as young as three are being read books questioning their gender

theresa may’s government won’t compensate children who were raped. it says they consented to the abuse

uk public schools forcing girls as young as four to wear muslim veil

meet the group who posed as 13-year-old when talking to rte producer (55), leading to his arrest

british pm theresa may: pedophiles should be allowed to adopt children too

council cracks down on islamophobia after parents withdraw children from school mosque trips

paedophiles need therapy not jail: one of britain’s top police chiefs says scale of child sex abuse is so horrifying prosecution alone is not the answer

a 14-year old girl was charged with committing racial abuse after complaining about rape by muslim men

transgender lessons to be given to nursery children as young as two

brexit boost: £65 billion to be pumped into uk economy through tax cuts and public spending

the paradise papers reveal that the queen is the worst parasite of them all

let boys wear tutus and high heels if they want to, church of england says

uk elites push for new laws to lower age of consent to 12 years old

uk loses 56,000 migrants due for deportation, including over 700 ex-con

authorities missed signs of yeovil child sex abuse

100 decolonise palestine posters appear in london for balfour centenary

uk children taught to respect terrorists who kill over unfair treatment

uk to imprison people who view ‘far-right propaganda’ online for up to 15 years

muslim who sprayed food cant be deported

uk bans naming streets after politicians, heroes in case they get exposed as pedophiles

uk man wins court case aginst bbc for 911 cover-up