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chilling report shows 88% of missing sex trafficked kids come from us foster care

california found to be harvesting newborn dna for decades without parental consent

conspiracy theory proven fact as cops remove senator from walmart converted into detention center

homeschooling skyrockets as more parents get fed up with left-wing social engineering and violence in public schools

activists uncover pre-crime police program operated by the lapd

news from usa
the college fix

thousands of tons of new york’s human sewage is stuck on a train in alabama

entire illinois county refuses to obey new gun control law, declares itself gun owner sanctuary

new orleans becomes first southern city to adopt bds resolution

100 jews arrested in us senate after illegal rally in favor of 3rd world invasion of america

over 125 victims reveal massive child molestation conspiracy and cover-up within usa gymnastics

university teaches white employees how to overcome the discomfort of being white

fda just approved smart pill antidepressant so gov’t can track you as they force medicate you

mom arrested, shackled, jailed because her honor roll son had 3 unexcused absences at school

child who killed pedophile to escape sex trafficking ring gets life in prison

hilarious fallout from oregon gas pumping law reveals alarming effects of gov’t dependence

entire student section detained, forced to have blood/urine tests after beer can found at football game

school-to-prison pipeline complete — new law makes schoolyard fights a felony

since feeding the homeless is now illegal, a group carried ar15s to give out food—it worked

as americans eat turkey, mainstream media quietly admits us gov’t planned false flags to start ww3

child who killed pedophile to escape sex trafficking ring gets life in prison

air force col buys 24 billboards to expose cops who executed his son

412 muslims arrested in michigan

pharma drug cartel just changed the definition of high blood pressure to trick half of u.s. adults into treatment with high-profit prescription drugs

cia agent blows the whistle: we supply elite pedophiles with children

drone pilots have bank accounts and credit cards frozen by feds for exposing us murder

public school teachers now routinely discriminating against white people based on the color of their skin

education jihad: promoting islam in american schools

new jersey sues purdue pharma for hooking the nation on opioid pain killers

american college of pediatrics reaches decision: transgenderism of children is child abuse

black student group complains ivy league school is letting in too many african students

detroit mother sentenced to jail for not vaccinating her son

unprecedented lawsuit set to end water fluoridation

silicon valley executives are getting $8,000 blood transfusions from the young in an effort to turn the clock back on ageing

tiny homes banned in u.s. at increasing rate as govt criminalizes sustainable living

texas launches gold-backed bank, challenging federal reserve

documentation of us dept of defense admitting losing $6.5 trillion

tsa busted in massive $100 million, 40,000 lb cocaine

asian couple buys exclusive san francisco street for just $90,000, much to residents’ surprise

children now face fines & arrest if they don’t get a permit to mow grass for money

massive weed ‘shortage’ in nevada orchestrated by big alcohol

cops detain entire school, illegally search/grope 900 kids — find nothing, parents furious

seattle councilman thinks cleaning excrement off sidewalks is racist

us laws have legalized pedophilia with children as young as 10 yrs old

dea allowed criminal cops to build their own drug empires for over a decade

each state perfectly described by one photograph

every state described by a single sarcastic line from a bitter resident

embarrassing facts about each u.s. state

prosecutor claims forced sterilization of 272,000 native american women not a crime against humanity

mom arrested by school cops because walking your child to class is not allowed in a police state

ohio cities file lawsuit to stop 5g cell towers everywhere

us air force caught repainting several jets to appear russian

cdc admits 98 million americans received polio vaccine in an 8-year span when it was contaminated with cancer virus

twitches of the outgoing us administration

modern art was cia weapon
household names making a killing off of the prison-industrial complex

why the us went to war for profit

silicon valley tech worker fired after blogging about starving while working at billion-dollar food delivery firm


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